Runaway Parade




Runaway Parade is committed to providing up-and-coming artists with a space where they can display their work and have it viewed by a diverse audience. With the site, we seek to help our contributors gain exposure, build a portfolio, engage with other artists, and find opportunities and buyers for their work.

Each month our contributors respond to a central theme. These responses are crafted through a variety of mediums, including painting, poetry, fiction, sculpture, photography, music, nonfiction, architecture, collage, woodcut, music video, academic essay, mixed media, interactive video, political opinion, drawing, and more. We are open to any venue of creative expression.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor for Runaway Parade, please send a response to the upcoming theme to

The upcoming theme is: JOY RIDE

All submissions are due by July 25.

We look forward to reviewing your submission, and thank you for your interest in Runaway Parade.