Commonly Overlooked Rules in Fire Tower

Hi everyone! We wanted to start this page to mention a few commonly overlooked rules in Fire Tower. If you have any other rule clarification questions, please do not hesitate to ask in the comments below. We may add to this list in the future. 

You may not place firebreak tokens next to any firebreak tokens that are already on the board. They may touch diagonally, but they may not touch along one of the four sides. 

Dozer Lines (as shown on the card) allow you to place two firebreak tokens next to each other, but dozer lines can NOT be placed next to preexisting dozer lines or other firebreaks. This makes it impossible to build an impenetrable barrier around your tower. 

The one exception to this rule is Explosions, where you take a fire gem from the board, replace it with a firebreak token, and then surround that token with gems. This token can be placed anywhere there is a gem, even if that means it is next to another firebreak token. An explosion can lead to a firebreak token being placed inside a fire tower area. 

If at any point you run out of firebreak tokens, please use any replacement you have on hand. Firebreak tokens (and fire gems) are not meant to be limited. 

Fire cards are independent of the wind direction. They can be played in any direction regardless of the way the wind is currently blowing. 

Embers allow you to move any fire gem on the board (except fire gems within fire tower areas) to any other space on the board. As with all fire cards, the gem must be moved to a space that is next to a fire gem already on the board. This means touching a fire gem along one of its four sides, not diagonally.

You must play one gem in the current wind direction at the beginning of every turn, unless there is no available space on the board. After the start of the game, the wind can only be changed using a wind card or by a firestorm. Do NOT roll the wind die at the beginning of each turn.

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